Floor Decal Specs

custom floor decals

It's all about our floor graphic material and print quality!

You cannot buy a floor graphic with a better quality vinyl or higher resolution prints than ours. It’s that simple.

Our floor decals are great for:

  • Safety Signs
  • Advertising & Brand Awareness
  • Schools
  • Weddings and Special Events

Why Choose Our Custom Floor Decals?

Floor graphic specifications:

  • Printing: produced using our high-quality, large-format CMYK printers
  • Size: up to 48 inches
  • Material: heavy-duty floor vinyl indoor use only
  • Laminate: scuff-resistant, slip-resistant laminate for maximum durability and safety. slip-resistance is classified UL #4R93
  • Shape: cut or trimmed in a square, rectangle, circle, oval, or custom die-cut to the shape of your design (like the image above).

Service is Our Specialty

We pride ourselves in our print quality and customer service. 

  • Our design team will work with you to create the effect you're looking for.
  • Most orders ship the next day.
  • For our local customers, we also offer installation services.
  • Huge quantity discounts available.
  • Installation video