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A decal is easy to install

step 4 installing floor decals
It is easy to install a decal.

We included pictures, instructions, and a short video (example: a floor decal) to make it as simple as possible. Take your time and you will see that it is really quite easy.

If you have any questions regarding installation of your custom floor graphic, feel free to call us at 513-574-6163 or send us an email.

Step 1

Thoroughly clean surface before installing the floor decal.

Step 2

Measure and center your decal in desired area.

Step 3

After measuring, tape the floor decal in place (making sure it looks centered).

Step 4

Remove part of the decal from backing paper.

Step 5

Cut strip of the paper with scissors.

Step 6

Squeegee down part of the decal in a vertical motion.

Step 7

Remove the rest of backing paper.

Step 8

Continue to squeegee the rest of the floor sticker.