custom floor decals


Floor Decals

Why do floor stickers have to be expensive? They don’t!

Prices of our floor stickers:

  • only $100 minimum
  • $0.05 per square inch ($7.20 per square foot) for orders up to $499
  • 10% discount for orders over $500

Any Hidden Charges?

NO extra charges. Orders include:

  • art setup (high-quality logos or vector files)
  • premium slip-resistant laminate
  • trimming to shape: oval, square, circle, or custom die-cut shape (see our policies for specific details)

Best Buy says Thanks

custom floor decals

Here’s some pictures (of the custom floor decals you made for us for our Best Buy stores). Thanks.

Sarah Thompson
Best Buy

Best Buy makes the shopping experience easier with the use of floor signs.

Coming soon: An online designer to create the floor stickers to suit your needs, whether it is a logo for floor advertising, safety warnings, brand awareness, promotional ads, or a photo for the dance floor.


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